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Sartorial Chic

As soon as I arrived in Algarve, my mom kept insisting that I see the Castle of Silves. Her reasons were simple: it’s beautiful and has an exquisite cafe where they cook really good desserts; no need to tell me...more

A Dash of Leather

I love a splash of leather. It usually adds the perfect “downtown cool” vibe to a look for me. In this instance I paired a girly floral print tank with this faux leather skirt with zipper details. Mixing the soft...more

Everyday Simplicity

Jeans - J.Crew, Top - Sanctuary, Cardigan - Belk, Handbag - Apt. 9, Heels - ShoeMintmore

The Perfect Fit

Remember how perfect that glass slipper eased onto Cinderella’s foot? Well, I feel the need to share about these new pair of jeans I fell in love with. I gotta say AX hit a home run with these bad boys,...more

Why Some Items Are Worth the Wait

I’m all for trends, but let’s be a little creative about it, people. Fashion should be anything but lazy. It’s a great thing to see something and it inspire you, but not such a great thing to see something so...more

One Last White Outfit Before Labor Day 

In the states we all use Labor Day as a date for many things (back to school, end of summer, extended last weekend to party in Hamptons), but in fashion it’s declaring the last day to wear white jeans or...more

OOTD: Summer Jumpsuit

er spent a great days in Alicante but still have some summery outfits to share with. Today's one is my favorite cause I love the jumpsuit, it's comfy, simple and easy to wear with any color but I especially love...more

Bringing Light In Total White

I really love total white looks for this season. They are so easy to wear and they bring you a lot of light! Today I'm wearing destroyed white shorts and open back top.more

Pairing Leather + Denim

I threw on my favorite pair of denim shorts , basic blank tank, and quickly grabbed my brand new leather jacket I purchased in Ibiza, and headed down to Pickering, Ontario. ...A town that will always hold a special place...more

Five Healthy Hair Essentials You Need to Own

After a great cut, you don’t need an entire store worth of products and tools to maintain beautiful healthy hair. We’ve made a list of the five healthy hair essentials you definitely need to own no matter what your hair...more

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