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A Risto Ready Giveaway!

There are days when I feel uninspired when it comes to getting dressed in the am.more

Going Skinny (Jeans)

This time, I’ve prepared for you something really simple, timeless and chic. This outfit doesn’t require too many skills in fashion, which means that almost anybody can pull it off. I suspect that everyone has some kind of skinny trousers...more

Colour Blocking for Two

I like good quality and I like good prices but every now and again (now, like right now) something comes along (subject in question – these pants) and throws everything for a loop.more

Print Playing On The Wildside

I realized I never play with print pairing either, as much as I love the look on others. And if there is one print I love more than any other, it's animal print. So why not wear them together?!more

Free Spirit of Leather & Gold

I channeled a free- spirited look with Peruvian vibe but added a sophisticated twist with the delicate gold jewelry.more

The Clean Classic Look of A White Dress

I wanted to do an all white look and loved the little detailing on this one. White dresses are one of my favorites. I love the clean classic look.more

White and Blue and Summer All Over

This outfit is the thing my Summer dreams are made of: lightweight, breezy, fun. I just don’t understand why there are any other seasons?! I kid, I kid! Kind of.more

In My Comfort Zone

If I have to pick a comfort zone in the world of fashion and colors, although I love prints, I would say neutral colors and basic pieces. I created today’s outfit in less that two minutes because that’s the reason...more

7 Tips for Summer BBQ Dressing

Thankfully, the season is upon us and I’ve teamed up with Seven Daughters Wine to bring you 7 fun tips for how to dress in style for a summer BBQ!more

Spotlight on Neutrals

You know me, I am a pretty big fan of a crop top with a high waisted skirt. I particularly love the flattering flared hem of this skirt. I went with an all-neutral palette and just played off the maroon...more

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