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John Varvatos Opens on the Bowery

JOHN VARVATOS CBGBJohn Varvatos opened his new boutique at 315 Bowery this weekend — the former address of New York’s CBGB. According to Varvatos, who took MTV News on a tour of his latest store, the club’s original walls — punched-in holes, cracked paint and all — went untouched, as did the antiquated ventilation system that runs throughout the space.

It remains, along with the graffiti and band stickers, some of them hanging by a strand of glue. The staircase leading to what once were the club’s restrooms, which have now been converted into storage space, is still covered in marker and stickers.

John’s love of music and rockstars allowed him to have a heart in preserving this monument to the 80’s wave of punk that once dominated New York. We’re excited about his promise of monthly bands and his must have spring collection.

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