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Bejeweled at the Chopard Action Against Hunger Gala

With the holidays just around the corner, I’ve been trying to count my blessings every daymore

Living The Look

Enter Live The Look, a website that builds on your existing wardrobe and helps fill in the blanks to update your look without doing a major closet overhaul every season.more

So This Is Fall

I’m a sucker for a dress with pockets, so you see, the odds were stacked against me. Yay fall and striped dresses with pockets!more

Fall Favorite Essentials

New mission: find an affordable pair of faux leather shorts. After months, I found them at H&M…with this amazing wide brim hat that has become my new favorite…it's so big and I love it.more

Making a Statement with Movado

To go along with this plush tee and baggy boyfriend jeans, I grabbed my go-to silver bracelets and one of my favorite new accessories, the new Museum Wrap watch by Movado.more

Polar Vortex Prep

The Polar Vortex of 2014/2015 has officially kicked off! Yes, those would be flurries flying around in today's blog photo pics and as darling as they may look, don't be fooled. Our wardrobes have shifted overnight from pumps to boots...more

Bring Your Look to Life with Statement Accessories

During the fall and winter I often catch myself ending up in head-to-toe black. When that occurs, I like to reach for some statement accessories to bring my outfit to life. Who better than Betsey Johnson to help me make...more

The Boyfriend Sweater

I had that 'nothing to wear' moment, at least I thought so, as we girls always do, even with the closet full with clothes. Good thing that some of us have their boyfriend wardrobe to plunder!more

One of the Boys

As much as I love a good femme look, I find myself drawn more and more to these cool-yet-cozy looks, particularly during the winter. Pieces that bridge menswear and femme styling help keep the look from being too borrowed-from-the-boys.more

Add Some Charm to Your Look with Pandora

I think jewelry is really what sets the tone for the entire look. Take today's dress for example, paired with biker boots and minimal jewelry, it can look really casual, but add a pair of heels, full-on arm party and...more

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