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The Sneaker Makeover: From the Treadmill, to Trendy

Beauty isn’t always pain! And aren’t the very best fashion trends the ones that condone comfort? Lucky for us, the sneaker has undergone a makeover taking it from treadmill to trendy.more

Get the Cozy & Chic Look Effortlessly with Asos

his autumn I'm crazy about plaid, long outwear, ankle boots and great unexpected pops of color. For this look I paired this chic black trench from Asos with a hugely oversized plaid scarf. The trench is incredibly versatile and you...more

How One Dress Can Turn You Into A Modern Day Cinderella

I thought this would be the prefect touch to show off these Cinderella-like shoes. Is it pathetic I waited as along as possible to take this outfit off the night of the event? I just felt so glamorous!more

How-to Dress Up the Tee Dress

Adding a little edge to a comfy tee dressmore

The Ultimate Fall Color Pallet

The one place I am obsessed with to get any jacket, coat or winter accessory is H&M. This scarf is kinda my favorite, I picked up 4 colors! This jacket was the perfect color for fall to pair with a...more

Alexander Wang for H&M Revealed

Today was the day! Alexander Wang presented the collection he designed in collaboration with H&M tonight at the Fort Washington Avenue Armory. After waiting for what seemed like forever, Wang finally offered up his much-hyped collection for our very eyes...more

The Start of Tights Season

You can definitely take this dress into spring as well. Not only for the floral print, but for it's sleeveless cut. But for now I'll pair it with a lightweight jean jacket, & switch to a dark brown or black...more

SoHo Vibes

There’s just an innate coolness and energy among the cobblestone streets – a sense like you don’t know who you might run into that keeps you on your toes...and in your Ted Baker stilettos.more

Discovering What to ‘Wear’

I discovered an app that allows me to find pieces that caught my eye, inspiring me to shop and add to my own closet. WEAR is officially my newest guilty pleasure. It's super easy to use, and it allows me...more

Do You Temptu? Here's Why You Should

Of course having a professional makeup artist use airbrushed makeup is one thing, thankfully using TEMPTU is beyond easy.more

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