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Taking the Challenge Out of Pairing A Monochromatic Cobalt

While darker shades like navy are really easy to integrate into a “guy’s” wardrobe, a bolder, brighter hue is a little more challenging, especially for those guys who are scared of a little color. For today’s post I chose to...more

Faux Leather and Denim- A Perfect Match

After living in Brooklyn for so long, spending years building a wardrobe that I could take with me from season to season, and figuring out what items to splurge, save, or invest in, I've always considered some version of a...more

Celebrate Frocktober In Your Best Dress

Even though Frocktober, cough, I mean October, is coming to an end, I'm excited to wear tons of dresses over the next few months. The holidays provide the perfect opportunity for a little dress twirling..yay! I'm super excited!more

Featherweight Comfort with A Cause

I kind of like the balance that the casual flats give to the otherwise structured ensemble. Not to mention, T&N Collection heads a 'footprint program' wherein the ladies behind T&N work with a different foundation every year to fund a...more

How to Dress Down Your Fanciest Handbag

Every fall, I lean towards a grey palette, mixed with my black and white favorites. Simple and easy. Here, I took my favorite nubby knits to the streets. This is a classic "RUN OUT AND GO" look with a feminine...more

The Personal Trainer You Wear On Your Wrist

For a week I decided to get back into shape and gym membership to part I needed something that would take track of my training, so I decided to rely on the advice of a Polar Loop bracelet director that...more

Pumpkin Pickin' Attire

with october almost over, we realized that we've done literally zero fall activities. it's funny because when we lived in florida we would do them ALL - carve pumpkins, bake pumpkin muffins/ pumpkin pie, dress up, etc.more

Tommy Hilfiger Is Generating Awareness for Breast Cancer

Tommy Hilfiger and Breast Health International has once again joined forces by launching their 8th annual limited edition bag in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. 1/3 of the proceeds will be donated to Breast Health International.more

Effortlessly Casual Style for A Creature of Comfort

No matter how much I love to dress up for events, auditions and shoots, my favorite looks are the simple ones where I’m just in jeans and a comfy top. What can I say, I’m a creature of comfort.more

Serving the Fashion Army In This Seasons Khaki Trend

One of the biggest fall trends this year is khaki. Khaki on khaki on khaki; light khaki on darker khaki on camo print on more khaki. Girly girls, you’re out of luck this season.more

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