10 Poses to Get You into Vogue: Part 2

Continuing on from our earlier lesson, turn on the wind machines and unleash the doves as we explore more of the poses to finally get you your long-awaited multi-page spread in Vogue.

6. The Broken-Down Doll

What you're thinking: I haven't eaten in 4 weeks, my coke dealer isn't picking up his phone and if someone doesn't pour something alcoholic in, on or near me, I'm literally going to die. But I look great, right?

What you're doing: Weird angles, lots of slouching, while still showing the garment.

7. The Wistful Coo

What you're thinking: I'm caught in a violent hurricane of couture but my inner calm -- brought on by years of yoga and a small army of morally-suspect pharmacists -- keeps me the smizing eye of the storm.

What you're doing: A slight hunch, a graceful hand and an expression that says you might not really know where you are.

8. The Dynamic Sit

What you're thinking: Yes, this is sitting but you know what this isn't: Super Bowl Sunday. So I'm not lounging back with a bowl of goddamn nachos in my lap. Pardon me while I throw this leg up and concentrate on being effortless.

What you're doing: Hunching, creating angles with your legs and space with your arms.

9. The Couture Hunch

What you're thinking: I'm so thin that to prevent my ribs from caving in on themselves I have to hold them in place. I may have dropped a lung while in mid-hunch, but I dare you to tell from my face.

What you're doing: Arms akimbo, you hunch until you're basically doubling over and sucking in everything while splaying your legs out at awkward angles.

10. The Dynamic Stand

What you're thinking: Here I am, world! Take a good long look because I just officially shut shit down and own every one of you. You're welcome.

What you're doing: Once again, arms akimbo, but a strong stance that is at once seductive and powerful.

Photos: Christopher Hall Photography

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