Air Tattoos, the Perdurable Papery Paradox

That is not Photoshopped. That is real jewelry that just so happens to look like a drawing.

What would you think if you saw someone walking down the street wearing this? It looks like hologram jewelry from a video game or science fiction blockbuster. Its like the girl got a tattoo and somehow managed to pull it out of her skin and keep it hovering around her neck. It suggests a Silly Bandz-necklace hybrid but much cooler.

Air Tattoos really are like tattoos because they are made from a sort of ink. Instead of being injected into the wearer, they are painted or printed according to a hand-drawn design. The ink dries into an extremely durable paper-like material that is tear- and water-resistant. If you crumple it up, it will still unfurl back into its original shape. Over time it will take on more of a leather-like look.

But unfortunately, they are not yet for sale. Logical Art, the company behind the design, launched a page on Kickstarter where you can pledge money towards product development in exchange for a pre-order of the product. They have already received more than double the minimum amount they need to fund the project, so this one is definitely a go. The first run of orders is expected to ship in October 2012.

We are getting our hands on them as soon as possible. We suggest you do too, if you dont mind getting stopped in the street every time you go out. Look through the gallery below to see more designs.

Photos and facts courtesy of Dezeen and the Air Tattos Kickstarter page.

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