Attention Cyclists: Get Noticed With Glow-in-the-Dark Arm Tattoos

In my opinion, theres nothing scarier than riding a tiny, non-motorized two-wheel contraption among the cars of a booming metropolis. I prefer to take my New York City moving traffic chances on foot or travel by rat-infested public transportation, thank you very much. But for those braver souls out there, there is now a safer, cooler way to make yourself seen when riding at night. Designer Weiche Wu knew he could create something the kids would like that also kept them out of harm's way, and these glowing arrow stamps were born.

Fun like a temporary tattoo, these bright triangle stamps leave a mark that can only be seen in the dark. Wu's research suggests most bike collisions are "broadside," meaning there's a lack of attention towards cyclists when they're making turns. But these fluorescent marks will certainly garner heed with boring blinking helmut lights and neon tape nowhere to be found.

Find out about these and more design projects by Wu on his website.


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