Baby Got Back? The New Pornography

It seems the Miley Cyrus Backgate scandal is far from over. A new controversy is quietly underway in Smallsville, America as angry consumers have begun debating and demanding removal of recent K-Rock ads featuring womens backs tattooed with popular rock bands.

The "explicit" photos have caused a stir as some question the appropriateness of "Back Pornography" on billboards and public locations.

Are people taking fucking stupid pills lately?!?  First Miley Cyrus gets lampooned for posing 1/2 topless and now this!!! When did the female back become the new porno?

Cover-up Dirty Girl

As a man, I personally don't see the need for women to feel ashamed, which is the natural response when townies start saying that photos of your nonsexual bits are pornographic, of their backs!!! In fashion, the backless dress has been a statement of sexuality and femininity. No one bats an eye when men go "topless" and the image of the muscular mans back has been used in art and advertisement for centuries. Have we litterally gone insane in our interpretation of what's pornography?  Is the back the new porno?


Close your eyes children!!!

Don't Worry Kiddies. It's a Man.

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