Barneys Is Force Feeding You for the Holidays

Barneys's Creative Director, Simon Doonnan, wants you to "Have a Foodie Holiday." This year's holiday theme will be food-inspired, meaning that all models will be barred from stepping a stilettoed foot onto Madison Ave.

The above display was crafted entirely out of recycled Illycafè cans, bags, cups and tins and features the divine "Miss Illy." She was originally named Contessa Caffeina, but according to Doonan, we decided shes no Italian aristocrat, shes a nice Jersey girl.

Of course this Jersey girl is a Barneys girl as well, so in addition to the Espresso machine headdress, Miss Illy is also wearing Christian Louboutin pumps and giant sunglasses by The Row.

Barneys new windows will be unveiled on November 16th and will also feature homages to Julia Child in addition to 70 other cultivators of the gastronomic arts.

If all this talk of food seems out of place for a Barneys window display, Doonan, who claimed to know "nothing about food," explains that he was "interested in the dissonance between fashion and food." He went on to add, "Whenever we do an event, the fashion people say, No food please. Lets just serve vodka."

Well, vodka's an important part of any balanced breakfast, no? And though I haven't looked at one recently, I'm pretty sure it's at the top of the food pyramid. Right above marijauna, Mexican diet pills, cocaine, fruits and vegetables.

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