Beautiful Transparency At The Vilcek Gallery

(Photos courtesy Vilcek Foundation)

Italy, London, and New York are the usual suspects when it comes to fashion.  Sure, Japan's coming up, especially in the menswear world, but what of designers coming from other corners of the globe?  The Vilcek Foundation answers that question, recently opening Transparency, a look at Russian-born designer Madina Vadache's latest collection.  Click on for more.Vadache's dresses focus, obviously, on transparency, most notably in the materials she uses in her designs.  Highlights include a gorgeous wedding dresses (one of Vadache's hallmarks since her beginnings in 2000), using sheer silk organza--another trademark of Vadache--and replete with gorgeous flowers from hem to waist, and again as a sort of crown from which the train (organza again) emerges.

The collection is at once modern and elegant while still drawing on classic designs such as the pencil skirt and the white ruffled blouse.  There are pops of color and understated details.

While Fashion Week rolls on and mere plebes hang out around Lincoln Center trying to get in to exclusive shows, these dresses which would fit in right alongside those being strutted down the runways are instead available for the public at the Vilcek Foundation Gallery at 167 E 73rd in New York, from now until October 2nd.

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