You're Invited! Beauty Bloggers Share Halloween Beauty Tips Today at 4pm

Need help on perfecting your Halloween makeup skills?  We've got all the answers.  This afternoon, FashionIndie will be hosting a Google+ Hangout with our favorite beauty bloggers to get their best dramatic makeup tools & tips just in time for makeup's favorite holiday.  Be sure to join us at 4PM


Join Sam Lim from FashionIndie, Christina Farrell of The Makeup Blogger, Janna from Beauty BingeKandee Johnson and Stacy of Tinte Cosmetics  for a Google+ Hangout where we'll be discussing how we can use makeup to create perfect Halloween looks.  

We'll be getting expert tips LIVE from the Beauty Bloggers themselves, so whether you're learning how to be a ferocious feline with the perfect cat eye or getting  advice on the best dramatic makeup products, be sure to join us online today, Monday October 22 at 4pm EST.  Click here to RSVP!


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