BEAUTY SPARK: Permanent Manicures


We all know the frustration of applying five coats of nailpolish WITH a topcoat only to have it peel away three days later, and paying upwards of $20 bucks for a salon job just to be met with the same deterioation. If youre like me and you love to decorate your fingers with a fresh pop of color and not fret over the inevitable chipping, O.P.I has come up with Axxium Soak-Off Gels, permanent laquers that, really, last as long as you want them to. Its basically a thinner version of the acrylic paste used for traditional artificial nails that, when set to ultraviolet light, forms a lasting bond with the nail that wont chip. As your nails grow, you get color fills to shade in the new growth, and when your finish loses luster or you just get bored, a regular polish can be applied on top of the gel. A 15-20 minute soak in an acetone solution with dissolve the gels completely should you want a brand new set. For $40 Im definetely down.

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