Because Knowing What You're Getting Yourself Into Is Important

Due to the massive popularity of facial hair, more and more people are giving their facial hair growing potential a second shot. Well as more and more facial hair sprout out of the faces for the naive, the proper classifications have been carelessly thrown around. Is that a Winnfield or a Fu Man Chu? Don't know the difference between a Copstash Standard and a Handlebar? Fear no more because has mapped out the encyclopedia of facial hair combinations and classifications. Due to the fact that most Mexican babies are born with more facial hair than I can grow in a year, I have not been able to test out some of these fabulous displays of true artistry. I guess if I could grow one of these, I would have to go with Winnfield, it's just down right manly. Combine that with too much leather and a vintage Harley Davidson, and who knows I might even sprout a chest hair or two!


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