BILF ALERT Jane Aldridge's Momma


The one where Daniel Saynt discovers the chick from Sea of Shoes has a hot mom.

So, I'm flipping through Vogue (as I never do, but they offered a subscription and I was lured in and now I read this shitastic magazine) and I totally spotted one of my favorite style bloggers Jane Aldrige from the fairly must readable, Sea of Shoes. You see, Vogue is finally in with the cool kids and have taken to featuring things from the oh so scary world wide web everyone keeps talking about, so they featured Jane and her mom Judy. The mother-daughter tag team of bloggers were asked to style themselves in three of the seasons must haves. It was all fine and dandy, Vogue pushed their agenda to prove that chicks with wrinkes were still relevant and I found a new BILF to stalk. Seriously Judy, thou art a fox (or a cougar if you prefer).

Jane, if you're reading this (which I'm sure you are cause all us little bloggers Google Alert the shit out of our names) tell your mom to keep doing whatever the hell she's doing and that she can pingback me all night cause her posts get me all hot and bothered in my RSS (and that kiddies is how bloggers flirt. recognize).

P.S. BILF = MILF except mom is replaced with blogger. yeah, we're clever like that.

Anyways, here are the ediorial from Vogue.


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