Red Carpet Report Card: Blake Lively in Chanel Couture

Oct 11, 2012 - by Amanda Gabriele

In this edition of Red Carpet Report Card, Im grading Blake Lively on her Chanel Fall 2012 Couture look worn to a dinner celebrating the 80th anniversary of Chanel's Bijoux De Diamants collection in NYC. See how she looked after the jump.

blake lively in chanel couture


Blake will be rated on the below categories, five being the highest and 1 being the lowest.


blake lively in chanel couture

What grade did Blake receive? Check out page two to find out.

blake lively in chanel couture

There are some issues with this look, but Blake looks so cool and collected, they're barely noticeable. The wrinkles are really upsetting me here. A good stylist would have foreseen the problem and ridden with her the car to steam them out, or what have you, if necessary. The shoes are so drab compared to this dress. Where is the sparkle! and the pizazz!? The hair and makeup is okay, but let's be honest, she's so gorgeous it doesn't matter. I love that she is showing off the pockets AND hiding her wedding ring from the glaring camera lenses. Class all the way, Blake, class all the way.

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