Bling Bling for the Science Club Crowd


Want to let you world know you've got the bank to drop thousands on platinum but your afraid they may just mistake you bling for some well shined silver-plate. ITSNONAME is a new jewelry collection from co-designers and couple Joe Johnson and Jeanju Choi-Johnson that displays it's exact periodic table worth on it's surface letting you show the world you've got nothing to hide and a bank account to match your confidence.

"The concept was simple," Johnson says. "It's just a blatant presentation of the natural material the jewelry is composed of." Using the periodic table as inspiration, each ring in silver, gold, or platinum is inscribed with each element's periodic table data and made complete with the elements scientific symbol and atomic number. So if you spent some bank on your ring you can wear it proud. The designers behind the line aren't full time jewelers, yet, but give it a week or two and they'll be selling at Jeffery's and hitting the CFDA in no time. Furstenburger loves shit like this.

ITSNONAME Periodic rings, from $205 for silver to $6,500 for platinum, are available online at

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