Chris Cunningham Shoots Grace Jones...If Only He Shot Me Dead First.

I finally figured out what Rihanna's inspiration was for her newest hit single "Disturbia." Chris Cunningham recently photographed an "anti-fashion" spread of fashion and music icon Grace Jones for the newest issue of Dazed and Confused. According to We Make It Good, the spread is a collaboration between the artists and the "results come across a little more like Chris Cunningham microwaving Grace Jones stem cells with a digital heat lamp." I couldn't have said it better myself. And if you haven't already poured yourself a tall glass of water to wash this all down with, the increasingly disturbing contorted poses will have you thirsty for your innocence. 

If it weren't for the frightening, almost toothless, face of Ms. Jones, the pile of unknown human muscle and her distraught faces, I think i'd actually like this spread. On a more positive note, I did appreciate the image where smoke is billowing from Jones' face, the simple backgrounds and the eerie lighting techniques. The last image actually had me reminiscing on my own childhood where mashing your faces against the car window was the funniest thing in the world. Throw in a pair of boobs and an elongated belly button and you'll laugh just as hard as I did. 



Thanks We Make It Good

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