M.I.A Found: Trendy Eyewear For Under $100

For too long fashionable glasses have been kept at prices that make people only pick up 1 pair at a time. Now a sibling trio (that are not the Kardashian sisters) from Miami is trying to change all that and offer you specs that you can change as often as your outfits.



Collins Bridges is helping change the proverbial face of the optical game by offering designer frames for only $98. (And yes Rx too!) Based out of Miami, the brand embraces its local heritage with nods to Miamis history, lifestyle, and art deco vibe.

The super user friendly allows customers to pick 5 favorite frames, try them on, feel them out, and then easily return them for free in the handy packaging provided & will update the pairs selected with the customers prescription in under a weeks time.

Check out some images from their lookbook in the gallery below:


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