SPREAD UM: Evan Rachel Wood for BlackBook August '09


6a00e54ef9645388340120a4c9c24c970b-800wi As a huge fan of Evan's red hair these black and white photos are mildly disappointing, but I will admit I am just as excited for her appearance on TrueBlood as BlackBook is with their "Hot vamp, I love you so!" by line. 6a00e54ef9645388340120a4c9c57f970b-800wi6a00e54ef9645388340120a5210138970c-800wi6a00e54ef9645388340120a52100ad970c-800wi 6a00e54ef9645388340120a4c9c4e1970b-800wi6a00e54ef9645388340120a4c9c4fd970b-800wi SOURCE: Fashion Copious

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