Fashioning Change Wants You to Have a Heart

For anyone who loves clothes and also cares about things like our planet and human rights, Fashioning Change is a website you will love. Check out why it's so weirdly cool after the jump.

It's all very well to rely on your favorite brands to provide you with great designs every season. But a.) that's boring and b.) how 'reliable' are they really? Can you count on them to not harm our planet by, for example, employing children or generating an irresponsibly negative impact on the environment? Chances are, you're not sure. And you may think fashion and greater causes are disparate issues, but they truly don't have to be.

Fashioning Change is a website that asks you a few quick questions about yourself then proceeds to create for you a customized "changing room" (...get it?).  It takes the brand names you've said you love and offers alternative, humanitarian labels for you to consider instead.

Fashioning Change is fast, easy, simple and even if you're not there to make the world a better place, it's still a fabulous way to find out about lesser known designers. Give it a try.


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