Finally a Bush You Can Get Behind

Im Barbara Bush and Im a New Yorker for marriage equality." Yep, Dubya's daughter has come out, so to speak, for marriage equality proving that the apple can fall far enough from the tree and maybe roll into a gay bar or two.

Babs joins Whoops Goldberg, Kevin and Kyra Sedgwick-Bacon, Jules Moore, Kenneth Cole, Moby (he can still be considered a celeb right?), Fran Drescher and Mayor Michael Bloomberg in filming spots for the Human Rights Campaign's New Yorkers for Marriage Equality.

You may be as surprised as I am to find that Barbra Bush supports gay marriage, but apparently she's been hagging it up for years. She's allegedly "surrounded herself" with gays, one of whom says she was "loved by the gay community at Yale."

Wait, Yale has a gay community? Anyhoo, check out Barb's video below:

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