First Look: Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott

Yesterday it was the Adidas sneakers by Jeremy Scott, today we have the Adidas Orginals Collection by Jeremy Scott. I will say it started off not so bad, then it got real bad real fast. I mean I don't think I really have to explain why it's so bad, but why not make sure you get the point. Unless you are being a pimp/whore or the cast of the Lion King for Halloween don't waste your money. This line can easily be summed up by that picture of that girl in the hoodie, a big leopard printed log of shit! That hoodie has weird arms sticking out of the side and a creepy hood, it really isn't good looking at all. For those of you who are looking to land the back of your 5 IQ head on Back-stabber, buy that sweatshirt and come hang around our office and your bound to be discovered. Oh Jeremy Scott, I almost liked for a whole day this time!

Thanks to Trash Bag Aesthetics for the photos.

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