Flatform is the New Rain Boot

April Showers brought May's Random Week of Rain. And now we must deal. In thinking about shoes to equip you for the water in the street, there are a few ways to go about it. With a rain boot, you're covered shin to toe. No chance of water getting in, and also no chance of you getting into any cool bars after work. That's why a patent leather flatform might just be a rain CHECK.

Walk through puddles like it's nothing in your Roger Clergerie lifts. They're patent leather, so they'll hold up against the elements. And it's relatively warm out now in NY, your feet will be fine getting a little wet. Clergerie soles his shoes sturdy with good rubber traction so you won't be slipping around. And best of all, you'll look fabulous.

As you dress this week for the onslaught of rain, just consider wearing platforms, as long as they're not suede. It's the future of rain gear.

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