INDIE REWIND: Triskaideka-Turning It --13 Super Scary Style Superstitions

Another year, another Friday the 13th! Here from the FashionIndie vaults:

Triskaidekaphobia, the morbid fear of the number 13, has led to buildings without a thirteenth floor, airports without a 13th gate, a neverending film franchise and of course, the most notorious day of the year. For your Friday the 13th viewing terror, here are 13 style superstitions to heed and fear:

1. Crack a coke mirror, get 7 years of bad blow.

2. Cross a black catwalk, fall on the runway.

3. Naomi Campbell-walking under a ladder will bring several dirty looking pebbles to you in the night.

4. Botox  a day keeps the wrinkles away.

5. Listening to Lady Gaga will make you gay as will  one drunken time in college.

6. Step on her crack, Whitney Houston will break your motherf*cking back.

7. Opening an umbrella indoors makes it rain on a whore.

8. For the lucky bride something old, something new, something borrowed, and no pre-nup, boo.

9. Hanging Sarah Jessica Parker s shoe on the wall will bring good luck.

10. Never wear Uggs after Labor Day or ever.

11. Find a tranny on her head pick her up, all night long youll get free shots.

12. Kissing a toad gives you warts as will kissing a guido.

13. Garlic protects you from vampires, evil spirits and ever having a date.

Take it easy out there today kids for as a wise blind man once said, Superstition aint the way.

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