Garance Doré to Exhibit Illustrations

Fashion blogger Garance Doré is famous for her fashion illustrations and relationship with Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist, but now her artwork will be available to purchase. The French fashion blogger is responding to fan requests and is printing posters of her fashion illustrations to sell on her website. 

Garance Dore illustrations

It's about time. Those fashion illustrations by Garance Doré that we have always loved will finally be ready to hang in apartments worldwide. The French fashion blogger will begin selling some prints of her illustrations on her website in two weeks.

The blogger plans on putting on a New York City exhibition for the launch of her posters to show people how they will look when they are framed. Retail prices will start at $35 because Garance stated, "I wanted something you can buy for a present and not be too crazy".

So thankfully these will be ready to purchase by the holidays as we predict these fashion illustrations will be the hottest Christmas gifts this season. And for future reference, these are going on the top of our lists.

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