Peep Grace Coddington's Front Row Doodle

Grace Coddington is realeasing a memoir come November, but what you didn't know is that the infamous Vogue creative director is also a talented artist. Check out her illustrated version of fashion editors sitting in the front row after the jump. 

Grace Coddington illustration

The creative director of American VogueGrace Coddington, is releasing her memoir Grace this November and inside the novel are her personal illustrations of fashion and her life in general. Shown above is a doodle, drawn in her own pen, of what she sees when she sits front row during fashion week.  The tone of these illustrations reflects her sense of humor and individual personality almost as much as reading her book does. In conclusion? This book is becoming the number one on our book club list and we hope you're joining.

Cartoons are very fashionable this season. Check out

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