Heaven Scent: Smell like you mean it!

Youre sat in front of your dressing table, going through the motions, perfecting that Hollywood glamour girl look for the big night in town. Youve got it! The glossy curled hair, the thick lustrous lashes and the painted lips; but youre not quite done yet, because theres one last thing you need to put on - a cloud of your alluring signature scent. Ah yes, The Perfume.


Have you found your signature scent or are you still looking at for one? How do you pick them out? As always, Im here to help you step in the right direction.

How do I pick out the right scent for me?

As for choosing what particular scent, it may take some time. Think about what sort of scents appeal to you. If you like fruity citrus scents, look out for fragrances with fruity notes.


Hmmm, I still dont really know! Do you have any more ideas?

Close your eyes and think about what makes you happy! Yes, its cheesy but it works. What do you see? Meadows with flowers, the lush ocean, freshly cut grass - choose scents that fit with your happy mood.

Tip! - If youre out and about in the shops, forget about testing it on those paper strips! Is your body made of paper? Nope! Didnt think so, so always ensure you test it on the surface on your skin, as perfume only works when it reacts with your body heat.

Tip! - And dont test it on someone else! The fragrance will be different depending on whos wearing it. So what might smell gorgeous on your mate; might just pong on you.


Ok I have found my scent, where do I put it?

Your pulse points and areas which are hot. So think of your neck, back of your knees, under your breasts, behind your ear lobes and wrists.

Whats the best method of putting on perfume?

Hold your perfume bottle about 20cm away from the body. Start at your left shoulder and spray in a V shape to your right shoulder. Your shoulders are always moving whilst you walk, so this will allow the scent to waft as you move.

Are there any perfume No Nos that I should keep in mind?

Some people spray perfume in their hair to make the scent last longer! Id personally refrain from doing this, because the alcohol will dry out your hair. For this very reason, also be careful of the skin on your chest, as it is very thin there.

And as for spraying on scents to clothes, I dont think its as effective as working the perfume into your skin, as mentioned earlier, perfume works best with body heat. Not to mention, if youre changing your perfume daily, you should probably think again about perfuming your clothes, the scents may clash!


Often Id read about layering scents in magazines, but I never really understood what it really meant! What does it mean?

I always thought it meant taking my entire perfume collection and just spray it willy-nilly over myself until they miraculously formed a new scent? But after some research, I am a little wiser!

Layering is a process of, well, layering similar scents. Usually you start with a shower gel which is the first layer. The second layer is a scented body lotion. The third and last layer is the fragrance spray itself. The end result should be a beautiful blend of fragrances that work in harmony with each other.

If you keep an eye out whilst shopping, you will notice that high end perfumes do have various shower gels and body lotions especially for layering.

Brilliant! Im on my way too smelling nice, but I got a bit trigger happy with the perfume, and I sprayed too much on myself. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the stench?

Try a spritz of hairspray over the areas where you applied perfume. The smell should be less cloying.

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