Helena Bonham Carter Talks Boobs, Fondles Her Golden Globes

"Today I'm wearing huge breasts," Helena Bonham Carter said after being stopped on the Golden Globes' red carpet and asked about her attire. The actress walked home with two Golden Globes in hand, though both were on her chest.

Helena added, "It's amazing what a corset will do. I'm not all that well-endowed. These are my Golden Globes. Who needs Golden Globes when you've got these?"

Helena was nominated for Best Supporting Actress but was snubbed by Annette Bening in the category. While the actress lost with the Hollywood Foreign Press, she won in the hearts of several old men watching at a nearby Western Sizzler.

True fans who just happen to be "boob guys" aren't they the ones who really matter?

Link Love + Pic: Huff Post

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