How Tight Do You Like It?


Men in Scandinavia are videotaping themselves wearing an insanely, ball crushing, testicular torturing brand of tight (also see painted on) jeans called Mustang Skinlines and putting them up on YouTube.'d think a photo would be sufficient, but these fashion exhibitionists feel the need to give you a full 360 degree live-action video tour of just how tight their jeans are, which is tight, as in is there really anything happening between them legs. We hope this trend never reaches middle America or we may have a new crop of muffin tops hitting the streets.

On a more serious note, isn't this just a bit excessive?  You should be able to let your genitalia hang a bit to prevent damaged cojones, right.  I think the only ones who can make this look work are the boys who don't have much to work with in the twig and berries department, or those who prefer being infertile to being out of style.

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