How To Apply Your Own Perfect Prom Makeup

Yesterday we showed you the 20 best stand-out prom accessories to go with your fabulous dress. Congratulations, your outfit is complete. Now we must turn to the face, your most beautiful and precious asset. But how can you get flawless prom makeup without going to the beauty counter? Check out our How To below and be a goddess of cosmetic perfection on the big day.

Prime your skin for perfection. Before you begin makeup application, minimize pores to create a flawless finish. Look for something silky, lightweight and complementary to all skin tones. We love Benefit the POREfessional $28,


See yourself in high definition. It may sound ridiculous now, but having HD-ready skin will be a must once you stand in front of an unflattering backdrop and harsh lights to have your photo taken. Avoid blemishes and/or makeup showing up to steal your spotlight in front of the lens. Don't forget to seal any foundation with your favorite powder. We love Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation $40,



If you're not already glowing, fake it. Not everyone has the perfect natural blush and glow, but it's okay to recruit a little help. A light sweep of bronzer where the sun naturally hits your face - cheeks, nose, forehead, chin - and a dusting of blush on the apples of your cheeks will make it look like you were vacationing instead of slaving away in class. We love NARS Blush and Bronzing Duo $40,



Don't hide your eyes, make them pop. We've all been victims of the heavy eyeliner pencil crime - too much black surrounding your eyes in attempt to make them look larger. But in fact, you can make your eyes look lighter, brighter and bigger by using softer shadows to highlight and contour your peepers. A good kit that comes with some application how-tos is a great bet. We love Too Faced Naked Eye Soft & Sexy Eye Shadow Collection $35,



Seal your makeup for a flawless look all night. Dancing, sweating, tearing - all things that could make your hard work fall to pieces. Using a professional makeup sealant will allow you to move and groove with no cares in the world. We love Model in a Bottle Skin Sensitive Formula $21,


What does your prom night beauty routine include?


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