How to Freshen Your Hairstyle for Fall

Fall is here in all its glory, and it's time for our looks to shift with the transforming leaves. One way to revamp a beauty routine without spending a ton of money is to change your hair. We're not talking the full-on cut, color and Keratin treatment -  these four hair fresheners are quick, easy and you can do most of them yourself. Click through to see what we're doing to doctor our hair routines just in time for the changing foliage.


Cut Bangs

Your hairstyle is feeling a little drab, but you don't necessarily want a drastic change. What to do? Cutting bangs will give you a fresh, stylish look for fall without the apprehensive pit in your stomach that comes with hacking off everything you've got. Do it yourself or check out one of the incredibly talented stylists at ARROJO Studio - you will not be disappointed.

Go Bright

Rainbow hair is everywhere, and it's not going dying out anytime soon - the trend was all over the Spring 2012 runways. If you're not into stripping your hair with bleach and other chemicals, try colored extensions.

Feather Extensions

Take a tip from teen style star Selena Gomez and extend your extensions beyond the usual pieces of fake hair. Feather extensions have been hot all over town, and this summer trend is still perfect for fall. Throw on a fringed jacket and a pair of super great boots, and you'll be in business.

Change Your Wavelength

Maybe you have curly hair and never wear it straight, or frequently don't have time to add luscious, bouncy curls to your stick straight 'do. Try something new this fall by changing the shape and texture of your coif. Not sure what tools to use? To get curly hair straight, try the T3 ManeTamer Unruly Hair Straightener. If you're looking to add curls to straight hair, Sultra The Bombshell 1" Curling Iron  is the only tool you need.


Questions about the techniques or products shown here? Ask me on Twitter @CrystlMeatballs.


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