How To Get the Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape

As the sun gets hotter, we're all craving a lighter, lower-maintenance hairstyle for summer. A trip to the salon to get chopped can be exhilarating if you're dying for a change but terrifying if you're walking in blindly, not knowing what to ask for. Learning to flatter your face shape with a haircut will bring out your very best features without exaggerating your bone structure in a bad way. Cruise through our guide to getting the best haircut for your face shape, and enter the salon fearless.

Oval Face - Congratulations oval faced ladies -  you have the most versatile face shape and can wear almost any hairstyle you want with grace and ease.

What to try - A tousled bob like Victoria Beckham's above will bring out the angles in your face to accentuate cheekbones. Both blunt and breezy bangs will frame your face as will long, wavy locks ala Kate Hudson.

What to avoid - Short layers will make your face look a little too long. Styles that hang too much in the eyes and face will hide the features that make you gorgeous.

Heart Face - Your face tends to be oval or round until it comes to a point at your chin. Hair styles that draw attention away from your chin and towards other facial features work best.

What to try - Keri Hilson (above) knows how to work with her heart-shaped face perfectly by rocking a side-swept bang and short hair cut. Long, blended layers also work for this shape.

What to avoid - Blunt bangs and choppy layers will make your face look too architectural. Slicked-back styles will pronounce your chin even more.

Square Face - You have a strong jaw and angular features that can easily be softened with the right cut.

What to try - Anything with texture like curls or waves ala Keira Knightley add softness to the face. Spiky haircuts and long, sleek, layered hairstyles also work well.

What to avoid - Blunt bangs will accentuate the square shape as will one-length bobs. Middle parts will call attention to your jaw line, making it look wider than it is.

Round Face - You can create a longer and leaner appearance to you face by reducing the volume your hairstyle creates. You have a ton of different options as well, so get to snipping.

What to try - A middle part with wispy, tapered ends like Catherine Zeta-Jones elongates the face and allows your eyes and cheekbones to pop. Long bobs that fall right below the chin will lengthen a round face as will a soft, shoulder-length layered cut. Long or side-swept bangs draw out the angles in the face as well.

What to avoid - One-length blunt cuts, side parts and short, voluminous hair will only make your face look longer.

What tips do you trust to flatter your face shape?

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