How To Sneak Into A Fashion Show

As you can tell by most of our recent posts New York Fashion Week has officially taken over our lives. Unfortunately not every budding fashionista gets invited to these shows. Sometimes you have to take what you want and if you want to get into fashion week you might have to sneak into fashion week. We've got some more tips for you.


Disclaimer: Fashion week is super serious cereal to us and we want you to use these tips wisely. It's more than just sneaking into an party. True fashion enthusiasts step to the front of the proverbial line.

Keep reading for some tips.

Go with an invited team.

I'm not saying that the Indies did this last season but I know for a fact it works. Days of Bryant Park are now memories and we are left with a super high tech Lincoln Center. To gain access to show in the new tents one needs a legitimate scannable ticket.This tips requires a bit of strategy do place close attention.

Let's say there are 3 of you and only 2 have invites. Have the 2 enter with their tickets as normal. Then have one member seated while the other exits with the two tickets. The exiting member will them give the man on the outside the seated person's ticket and enter with that. Upon re-entry the scanner at the door will say that you've entered already but a simple excuse as if you went to get a water will suffice. Most volunteers see hundreds of fashionable faces for a single show.

Walking through like a boss.

I've personally done this even when I had a ticket just to see if it worked and it will on some occasions. Make sure you get dressed up in your best understated but super fashionable outfit. (Black should be a dominant color since you dont want to call attention) Have the perfect accessories: dark sunglasses, smart phone glued to hand, and a bad ass bitch attitude. All you have to do is walk and we mean WALK. Some doors get so inundated that if you walk right by pretending you have to be there with some urgency a fluster intern will let you slide on by in fear of his or her life.


Be A fashion groupie

Again we really don't recommend going through last resorts because let's be honest we're really jaded. That being said you can wait early enough for a show and pretend you're with production. Or if you know someone who's working or interning pretend as if you're helping them out. We love our interns but know that most people aren't counting their in and out volunteers.

Most presentations by indie designers require an RSVP but won't sweat you because they need bodies to fill up the space. If you're an up and coming blogger or member of the press we totally recommend you go through some more "accepted" way of getting on the lists for fashion week.


Have any tips or success stories? Leave then in the comments below or tweet me @mcarthurjoseph.

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