The Craziest Footage From Hurricane Sandy So Far

If you haven't been hiding inside your dark, powerless apartment for the past 24-hours, then we're going to give you a crash course on what may become the worst storm to hit the East Coast in 100 years. Hurricane Sandy has been terrorizing New York City among other states lining the Eastern Coast, but if you've been sleeping through all the coverage, here's the craziest to hit the web so far. 

The worst of Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast last night and with reports of the storm making its way all the way to Chicago later today, this b*tch of a hurricane is going to put the majority of the East Coast out of commission for awhile. With insurers estimating $10 billion worth of damage, this storm is close to being the worst to hit the East Coast in 100 years. Just to reaffirm how destructive this hurricane really has been, here is some of the most shocking photographic evidence so far.

Hurricane Sandy Damage

Ground Zero floods on the night of Monday, October 29th.

Hurricane Sandy Damage

The facade of a Chelsea apartment building in New York City was torn off by winds caused by Hurricane Sandy. A neighbor across the street caught video.

Dumbo Brooklyn Carousel Hurricane Sandy

The famous Jane's Carousel in Dumbo, Brooklyn was flooded Monday night.

crane dangles in midtown hurricane sandy

A construction crane in Midtown dangled 75 stories in the air above New York City.

Hurricane Sandy Damage

BBC tweeted this picture of a tanker that washed up on Staten Island.

This idiot took to his Jet-ski in Manasquan, New Jersey in the middle of the hurricane.

hurricane sandy damage

All-in-all President Obama has declared New York and New Jersey major disaster areas reflecting the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. More than 6 million people are without power today as of six a.m. and flooding throughout Manhattan is vast. The damage to the MTA is extensive with MTA chairman Joseph J. Lhota stating early this morning, "In 108 years, our employees have never faced a challenge like the one that confronts us now."

With a death toll of 20 so far, including 8 in New York. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who lost a loved one due to this natural disaster. It is unsure yet how long it will take major cities like New York City to recover, but keep tracking the storm via sources like the New York Times or for the social media lover, Instacane.

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