Ke$ha is the little cocoon that sang on Flo-ridas Right Round' who one day transformed into a butterfly filled with dollar sign plastered wings, and created a number one hit single "TiK ToK" with an album filled with A-list producers. Her and I chatted about the boy she's currently stalking "Stephen" (which even brought influence to a track on her debut "Animal" ), her experiences in high school and how she feels about the outcome of her album release. Did I mention she was on "The Simple Life"" with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton? Oh and she broke into Prince's house and dropped off her demo tape. Intrigued yet?


Alex Kazemi: In three words, how would you describe your debut album "Animal"?

KE$HA: Fucking Pop Magic!

Kazemi : What was it like working with A-List producers like Max Martin and Dr.Luke? KE$HA: A dreamboat, they are hot and they fart hits.

Kazemi: Was it weird turning on the TV and hearing your voice in the background of that Katherine Heigl movie? KE$HA: It was shocking then exciting I stood up in the theater and screamed. No big deal..

Kazemi: What was it like growing up in Nashville? KE$HA: Inspiring! Nashville has the best musicians in the world and the hottest babes and the best BBQ.

Kazemi: Your song Backstabber is pretty catty, is it about any particular experiences in High School? KE$HA: This song is about any girl that bites your style or you find out or you find out is talking shit about you and just how pathetic it is like in the song making me feel kinda special really

Kazemi: What do you think about teens getting drunk to your single Tik Tok? Hot or Lame? KE$HA: Get drunk, just dont drive and dont get pregnant and don't be an asshole!

Kazemi: Whats your favorite track on the album? KE$HA: A song called Stephen! Its about this guy Im currently stalking.

Kazemi: What artists have the most influence on you? KE$HA: BECK, QUEEN AND BANKSY.

Kazemi: What was it like singing back up on Britneys track Lace and Leather and her CD Circus? KE$HA: Funny! That song is sick, its cool to hear me on any Britney track! So random.

Kazemi: If you could have dinner with anyone dead who would it be? Kazemi: MJ. HAIL THE GOD OF POP!

Kazemi: Whos your favorite character from a show you watched growing up? KE$HA: I actually dont own a TV but I feel like Im a combo of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Blanche from Golden Girls.

Kazemi: Whats playing on your iPod right now? KE$HA: I dont have an iPod but Gram Parson is playing on my record player though..

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