INTERVIEW: Uffie - Rapper, Entertainer, Songwriter, Pop Cutie

Born in Florida and raised in Hong Kong, in 2004 the 17 year-old Anna-Catherine Hartley (aka Uffie) walked into hip-hop as a teenager and took Paris by the balls. We chatted with the music sensation about her career, aspirations, and the her much anticipated upcoming album.

Now 22, Uffie takes influence from grime, crunk, hip-hop and acid house, her music somewhere between electro, rap and nu-skool with a clear affinity for explicit and provocative lyrics.

After her massive hit Pop The Glock created a huge buzz on both the blogosphere and Myspace along with numerous club appearances, Uffie dropped two more tracks, Hot Chick and In Charge. 17 millions song plays on Myspace later, she could be seen everywhere on the international scene, between Lollapalooza and Coachella, and from Pukkelpop to Japan as Pharrell Williams special guest. Remixed by Sebastian and dressed by Jeremy Scott, she filled the fashion magazines and was the cover star for many including Jalouse, Zoo and PIG.

Alex Kazemi: What inspired you to write MCs can kiss?

Uffie: Pigeonholers

Kazemi: Who have you been working with on your debut?

Uffie: Feadz and Oiizo of course, then Sebastian joined to team on difficult. I also started working with Mirwais towards the end, which was a great experience. One track with him is featuring Mattie Safer, and the next single has Pharrell Williams who kills it.

Kazemi: Why did you decide to name the record Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans?

Uffie: Its the title of one of the tracks, and in a verse it really just summed up the experience for me. This album was the end of my crazy youth and the intro to my adult life it was an experience of fun crazyness tears and passion makes me think of jeans and leather.. This title just really captured it for me.

Kazemi: A lot of people in pop music have been claiming ke$ha is a knock off uffie? Do you agree or do you feel that your style of music just falls in the same place?

Uffie: There are definitely similarities but I'd rather not be part of this drama.

Kazemi: Is there a favorite unreleased track youve done from your pop the glock sessions that you wish were out right now?

Uffie: None

Kazemi: How old were you when you discovered you could rap or in modern terms spit and drop so well?

Uffie: 18

Kazemi: Do you think the mainstream is ready for your music? Is there a certain audience your music is aimed too?

Uffie: I think mainstream in general isnt what is was when i was growing up. Music that was indie or underground has in a way broken through and is partly the new mainstream so maybe. I think people are craving something real and fresh, so looking other places than pop princess to get it. My music is aimed to anyone it touches

Kazemi: Do you feel that most of your fan base resides in Europe?

Uffie: No

Kazemi: When did you first meet Feadz and when did you decide he was going to be your main producer? Do you have a favorite Feadz production on this particular record?

Uffie: We met when i was turning 16. He asked me a few years later when i was turning 18 to try out some vocals and we just kept going from there.

Kazemi: Do you think your music is different then anything else in pop music? Would you consider your music pop music?

Uffie: I think its got more dark humor. Im also a bit of a tomboy at heart, so i think that brings it a bit of an edge. The fact that i choose to work with many different producers that arent seen so much in this style brings something aswell.

Kazemi: Do you think this record is different then anything else youve done?

Uffie: Definitely. When working on an album you get to go deeper, experiment more. My past tracks were eps destined for clubs on the album i got to go deeper, make things that people can listen to at home..

Kazemi: Why did you wait 3 years to produce the video for pop the glock? Do you care for music videos?

Uffie: It was a fun experience, and videos are fun to make. I brought back pop the glock because its where the project started, my first baby that it was a bit of a homecoming. Aswell when you release a video it touches more people, that probably havent heard it before

Kazemi: What made some of your first tracks so confrontational? Many don't imagine using promiscuity in that way

Uffie: Doesn't faze me

Kazemi: How did you get involved in the music scene at such a young age? What was the experience and process like?

Uffie: It was just fun with my friend Feadz ive always loved music and it came pretty naturally but i never thought anything would come of it. There was no pressure total fun and freedom

Kazemi: Is there anyone that you collaborated with in the past that you would love to again?

I prefer to look towards the future.

Her much anticipated debut album Sex Dreams & Denim Jeans (due may 31st 2010) is a Ed Banger family affair, co-produced with some of the greatest electro geniuses of our times (Feadz, Mr. Oizo, Sebastian, and Mirwais).

Photo credit: Nathalie Canguilhem


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