Iris Apfel Adds Footwear Designer to Her Resumé

It seems like nothing can stop 91-year old Iris Apfel. She has already designed eyewear, handbags, and jewelry, but now she's adding footwear for the Home Shopping Network on top of it all .

iris apfel home shopping network

Iris Apfel is the type of woman that everyone aspires to be once they hit 91. The recent Dazed and Confused cover girl is now designing footwear for the Home Shopping Network. She calls herself the "geriatric starlet", but we believe that she is truly ageless.

Named Rara Avis, the line of footwear will be sold in conjunction with her eyewear and handbags on the Home Shopping Network. Iris describes her new shoes as so, Theyre not little girl shoes and theyre not old lady shoes. Theyre for all ages depending on your sensibilities.

And even though Iris is much older than us, we're seriously considering picking up a pair of her designs considering come 2062, we want to be just as stylish as her. Her line consists mostly of flat shoes because she thinks that, Its hard to find attractive flats most are ballet flats or pilgrim shoes. I thought there was a big need for it.

Which is true. So maybe we'll be tuning into the Home Shopping Network more often than just on those nights where we find ourselves up at three in the morning. At least now we have our unofficial fashion grandmother, Iris Apfel, to coax us into buying a pair of shoes w hile she talks us to sleep. Goodnight, Iris.

If you think being a shoe designer makes Iris Apfel the most awesome grandma ever, then check out her spread for Dazed and Confused and prepare for your mind to be blown.

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