John Galliano Sues Dior for $18.85 Million

Since he was recorded making anti-Semitic remarks at a Parisian cafe in 2011, former head designer of DiorJohn Galliano, has had his fair share of bad mojo. After being fired from Dior, publicly shamed, and stripped of his Legion of Honor Award, reports are stating that the former designer is suing his former label to the tune of 15 million pounds. 

According to the Telegraph, John Galliano is suing his former label Dior for 15 million pounds (roughly $18.85 million). While nothing has been officially confirmed, it could mean that Galliano is planning on suing Christian Dior S.A. which owns 91% of the John Galliano label. According to the Telegraph, the Paris hearing is scheduled for February 4th, 2013 and as more details trickle we wonder if Galliano believes that he was wrongfully terminated.

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