In the Land of Blood Diamonds and Gold Diggers: Kanye West Making a Film in the Middle East

Sometime rapper but always dapper Kanye West sent his reps to the Persian Gulf to scout locations for a short film he plans on shooting there in March -- tentativly titled N****s on Camels

West's team met with film companies and government officials from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha Qatar to discuss the possibility of a production. A source involved in the negotiations told The Observer: In Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha all of the film initiatives are government controlled. A bidding war is going on between various government entities and private investors to fund the film. Theres pretty intense rivalry here between Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar. They all want to claim the film as their own and take credit for generating the publicity.

Meanwhile, hasn't there been enough war in the Middle East without Kanye West stirring up the pot?

But causing any strife is the furthest thing from Kanye's mind. After performing a concert in Abu Dhabi, Ye apparently fell in love with the Persian Gulf region and envisioned the film to be an accurate depiction of it and its people. So strong is Kanye's conviction to keepin' it real that he and his team are even moving to the Gulf in a few weeks to soak up the culture. According to another source, "Kanye is looking to bridge the cultural divide and break misconceptions.

Let's just hope Kanye can resist going H.A.M. while he's in the Persian Gulf before we start talking Nobel Peace Prizes -- I hear they're not to keen on the pork over there. [Observer]


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