Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward Attend Lawndale High on Halloween

We have already shown you the best celebrity costumes from last week, but considering last night was Halloween we found the most epic celebrity costume yet. Pop star Katy Perry and best-friend/actress Shannon Woodward paired up as Daria and Jane from the iconic 90s MTV cartoon Daria and we're un-sarcastically impressed. 

Katy Perry Daria Costume


Looking at what your friends wore for Halloween is boring. Seeing what celebrities dress up as? Very entertaining. This year, it looks like pop-star Katy Perry  gave us a preview of her costume with her amazing Daria themed manicure and then took it to the next level with her best-friend/actress Shannon Woodward in the best couple Halloween costume we have ever seen.

Daria MTV Cartoon

The duo dressed up as Jane and Daria from the iconic 1990s MTV cartoon Daria. With Katy in Jane's signature red blazer (with cartoonishly thick lapel) and angular bob, we're surprised that she wasn't drawn into this photo. Shannon donned Daria's signature frames, green and yellow ensemble, with a disapprovingly judgmental look to boot.

Katy Perry Halloween


Katy was sans sometimes beau John Mayer this Halloween, but they did dress up for her birthday party on October 19th with J ohn as a zombie slayer and Katy as a vampire. Otherwise, what are your thoughts on Katy's 90s makeover? Does she win the contest for Best Celebrity Costume, or what?

If you are interested in seeing some other inferior celebrity costumes from last weekend click here and watch Katy Perry crush the competition.

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