Breaking Swan: Kristen Stewart to Be the Face of Balenciaga's New Scent, Tentatively Titled "Her...?"

Well, this was bound to happen eventually. Despite repeated warnings, someone has finally taken a massive gulp from the Kristen Stewart punch bowl and has decided to hire the sometime actress as the star of a campaign. But why did it have to be you, Nicolas Ghesquière? Why did it have to be you?

Balenciaga has tapped Bella Swan as the face of an as-yet-unnamed fragrance launching this fall. Well, Nic, what do you have to say for yourself?

Kristen embodies the modernity of the new Balenciaga fragrance with her unique sensibility and intelligence, the designer told WWD. From her early appearance in Panic Room to her independent choice of Welcome to the Rileys, Ive always sensed her progressive character. In 2006, I invited her to appear in a project shot by Bruce Weber. Since then, Ive always wished to collaborate with her further, knowing that she shares the radical spirit of Balenciaga.

Erright...Meanwhile, who the hell knew Nicolas Ghesquière was such a big Kristen Stewart movie buff? [WWD]

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