"Blood, Semen and Hookers" Smells More Like Grape Candy

Still disturbed by the Stephen Klein video showcasing Lady Gaga's newly released scent, Fame, we took a closer look at Mother Monster's perfume.

Although originally promoted as something that smelled of blood, semen, and an expensive hooker, Fame smells like a grape flavored Fruit Roll Up.  However, unlike most perfumes that have top, middle and bottom notes, Fame is said to have a "trampoline structure", where the notes randomly hit your senses.  The scents range from Belladonna, apricot, saffron, tiger orchid, jasmine, honey, and incense, giving it more of a sweet flavor rather than that of its scary inspiration.  As we saw earlier this year, the perfume itself comes in a Gaga approved egg shaped bottle with a gold claw clenching the top.   You'll find its most unique feature is not the smell, but the color;  while the perfume is a unique black tint, it still sprays on clear.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the haunting promotional video below:

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