Lady Gaga's Flower Football Helmet: Hot or Not?

After New York Fashion Week has wrapped, we must cross the pond over to England for London Fashion Week. Singer Lady Gaga, who's known for her out-of-the-box fashion sense, chilled out with designer Phillip Treacy at his runway rehearsal and she was wearing an interesting take on sportswear. 

Pop-star Lady Gaga is known for being an eccentric individual. After sleeping through her Fame release party in a giant perfume bottle last weekend, the singer decided to rock a headpiece that brings a whole new meaning to headgear.

While hanging out with designer Phillip Treacy at rehearsals for his London Fashion Week runway show, Lady Gaga wore a football helmet made out of flowers. Question is, has Lady Gaga just gone completely off her rocker when it come to her style choices or has she just run out of weird things to dress herself up as.

As she is neither about to punt a football or hop on a motorcycle, we're thinking that she's slowly been drifting into costume territory. While style as a form of personal expression, it can't make us help us but wonder if she's gone a little too far. What's going on Gaga? 

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