Lana Del Rey Channels Twin Peaks in her H&M Campaign

Indie starlet Lana Del Rey has been getting quite the coverage lately. First we showed you Lana's photo campaign for the Swedish retailer H&M and now here's a snippet of the accompanying music video for her cover of Blue Velvet

The independent pop-star Lana Del Rey first turned heads when she famously bombed her live performance on Saturday Night Live and now she's channeling the same awkward dance in her campaign for H&M. The campaign video centers around Lana covering Blue Velvet, the song that was originally featured in the film of the same title directed by David Lynch.

Some would say that Lana's strange SNL dance was a tribute to the character Audrey from Lynch's television series Twin Peaks. The iconically strange filmmaker is mimicked in the campaign video for H&M.

Lana is filmed singing to a room full of Lana Del Rey clones with matching bouffant hair and beige dresses. Later it cuts to Lana in a room draped with silk while being hypnotized by a suited man. A dwarf enters the stage from behind and shuts off the record player when Lana abruptly stops singing. Each of these scenes is inspired by the short lived television series Twin Peaks.

Whether her original performance was an intentional tribute to Mr. Lynch or not, this campaign gives us promise that Lana's persona reaches deeper than her duckfaced pout. Hopefully one day, David Lynch will cast her in one of his odd art films and we will finally be satisfied.

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