Leaving Your Mark: The Handshake Stamp


We all want to be unforgettable, so why not make your acquaintance a memorable one? Simply shake hands with someone and they've got a memento that will last a lifetime (or at least until they wash their hands!). This sleek stainless silver band can be personalized with virtually anything that can fit on the ring! Here are a few practical uses I've come up with:

- Have a common name like Mike or a crazy name like Dechantalquesa? Make yourself the Mike nobody forgets or the Dechantalquesa that everyone knows how to spell and pronounce with the Handshake Stamp!

- Had a few too many Long Island iced teas? Wake up in an unfamiliar bed with a used condom stuck to your leg? Get a Handshake Stamp with your telephone number on it so your one night stand can call you for a follow-up date or will know who's calling when the pregnancy test results are positive.

- We all like random practical jokes right? Why not get a random word like "bitch" on your Handshake Stamp? When you meet your girlfriend's grandmother for the first time, she'll look at her hand, wonder where the text came from and think her deceased ex-husband is seeking his revenge.


Thanks Monster-Munch!

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