Third Time's the Charm, Mad Men and Banana Republic Collaborate Yet Again

Come March 1st AMC's Mad Men  will collaborate with clothing  retailer Banana Republic for the third time and there are new 60s silhouettes to wet your appetite. 

Mad Men inspired fashion

Banana Republic has created a Mad Men inspired collection three times now. For their latest, Don Draper's new wife Megan Draper was the main inspiration.

Mad Men inspired fashion

Focusing on Beatlemania and the changing times, Simon Kneen says he will never tire of the collaboration because Mad Men's costume designer Janie Bryant has an knack to keep the 60s inspired collections modern and wearable.

The 50-poece collection is priced from $49.50-$140 for women's and $44.50-$375 for men's. There will also be a collection of accessories to accompany the collaboration.

Banana Republic wasn't the only company to take inspiration from Mad Men, McDonald's now has uniforms inspired by the iconic show. 

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