Making a Case for Instagram Addicts

Fancy yourself a real iPhone photographer? Well you do get at least a dozen likes every time you Instagram. I'm impressed. That's why you should dress your iPhone up like a real digital camera. It wont help you take better pictures, because frankly you don't need that. It will transform your phone from flat to power-zoom-looking with a pop. 

It's not from Photojojo, it's not a technological feat. But it is a beautiful one. Especially if you, like me, are still kickin' it with an iPhone 4, and you A) Want to cover  it up camo-style so no one knows, and B) Get a wristband on that shit so you don't crack your screen like everyone you know, pushing for an excuse to spring for the 5. You've got a long way to go before your contract is up.

Pop out that "lens" and get snapping. It's $15 from Shop Jeen.

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