Male Model Humpday: Jon K All Day

Jon Kortajarena possesses the type of beauty that comes along but once in a queer moon. Brooding, quirky, quixotic but distinctively male. With that heavy brow, those angular cheekbones, that pompadour puff of hair, those pouty lips and lithe frame iit's no wonder Tom Ford cast him as the intriguing drifter that entrances Colin Firth in A Single Man; or that he later cast him as the impeccable face of his eponymous menswear and eyewear lines. And it's no wonder that he has been my favorite male model for the past two years (with an occasional dalliance with Simon Nessman). Beauty, thy first name is Jon and thy last name is, well... unpronounceable. Hint: (Kor-ta-ha-ray-na)

Before the plethora of photos, here's a blog interview Jon K did with W in June of 2009 that birthed my obsessive, fanatical, undying love for him.

What was your worst modeling experience? My first fashion week in Milan, at age 18. I was like, "What am I doing here?" I was feeling so alone. It was freezing cold and I didn't bring the right clothes. And I couldn't communicate because my English was even worse than it is now. Instead of saying, "She is blond," I would say, "She is yellow hair!"


What's the last book you read? I just finished Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. It was very special. I'm in a difficult moment in my personal life now. Heart things. I don't mean medical heart problemsI mean relationships. Love things! So the book taught me about accepting life how it comes. Sometimes you are fighting for things you can't fight for.


Didn't you just work as an actor for the first time? Yes. I can't give details about the movie yet, but it was an unbelievable experience. I felt more secure in front of the camera than in real life. In my normal life I have so many insecurities. I am learning from them, or trying to learn.

[All right, just kill me. And the movie obvi turned out to be A Single Man.]

How much time do you spend at the gym? Almost none. I really hate the gym. So I go running. When I lift weights I feel like I am hurting myself. I would rather do other things. Swimming sometimes. Why should I be two hours in a gym, suffering so much, with all these people that I don't know and don't want to know?

Have you ever fallen down on the runway? Yes! It happened during, like, my second show! But I was lucky because it was on a stairway that was mostly hidden, so the audience couldn't see anything.

Who hits on you most oftenwomen or men? I don't get hit on a lot. Really. I do see people looking at me but normally it's me who takes the first step. (laughs) I'm the one who walks over to see what's going on.

[You know, people stare at me too. But usually I think it's for all the wrong reasons.]

Onto the pics! There were just so many amazing Jon K photos I couldn't fit them all here. So take a trip down the Information Superhighway (people still say that right?) to our Facebook page for even more Kortajarenaness. Hint: Kor-ta-ha-ray-na-ness].

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